@Merzmensch @erocdrahs I’m not sure I am satisfied with the answer, but I’m glad we are asking the question.

BTW the question never was about #AI as it is today. The question always was: what will happen over the *long term* when the AI output will be indistinguishable from the one of a human artist?


Imagine a (near?) future where these companies will use #AI models like GPT-3 to let users build or modify a 3D model just using natural language. >

Tripolygon, a 3D modeling software developer, lets metaverse creators make their own 3D assets https://t.co/XBqmNVF3m4


One of the topics I covered today during my presentation at the @CybersecEurope_ 2022 conference is the potential use of #AI (and #automation) in #CyberSecurity.

It was nice to hear @mikko asking a group of CISOs about their progress in deploying AI and for which use cases.


This happens tomorrow, in Brussels.

I’ll talk about various #automation topics, including #IaC, mutable vs immutable infrastructure, #NoOps, #AI and a few other things. Cause myth-busting never goes out of business.

I hope to see you there. https://t.co/3GaVsCbhfd


It would be interesting to see the “What’s in my #AI?” paper by Alan D. Thompson updated to include the new OPT-175B model.

https://t.co/SBnM2re3oZ https://t.co/NGZtBE4Kl4


So we now have 6 big #AI language models:

@Microsoft & @NVIDIAAI MT-NLG (530B)
@DeepMind Gopher (280B)
@OpenAI GPT-3 (175B)
@MetaAI OPT (175B)
EleutherAI GPT-NeoX (20B)
@Allen_AI Macaw (11B)




@Merzmensch The merzDALLEum is very, very cool. Lots of artists I know here in London and worldwide are trying to understand how to do what you are doing.

I’ll follow with much interest.

#AI x #Art


I use a lot of analogies in my keynotes. Few people know that it takes me days, sometimes a whole week, to find the perfect image to convey the analogy I want. One immediate benefit of an #AI like #DallE2 is that I won’t have to spend time on that anymore.


Now the question is @asymco: will all of this remain true if, in a distant future (probably too far to help Netflix), movies are generated by #AI (e.g., a descendant of #DallE2) at a fraction of the cost and in enormous variety? >

Movies and the Internet https://t.co/r7UVENvI9E


For both governments and IT companies: it’s insanity to not invest in #AI.
The disadvantage will be fatal for the ones that don’t do it.

(from https://t.co/X0YVrvon5A) https://t.co/LUJVVEcWA6