And tell me, now that everybody and his uncle has added #AI image generation and #chatGTP-like capabilities, what’s your competitive advantage exactly? https://t.co/6fwDcPIMRZ


Of the dozens of #AI-related papers that get released every day, this one caught my attention:
“Regulating #ChatGPT and other Large Generative AI Models”


If this has to end up like the Cookie Law , thanks but no thanks. https://t.co/D0OOEW69CR


Are we done for the day or somebody else has to announce the announcement of some major #AI progress?


Image captioning via #AI. A comparison between two new approaches: BLIP-2 vs CoCa. https://t.co/eZqpqxA9Or


This is a way to think about it. And I’ve spoken with many people that share anon’s perspective.

Another way to think about it is that some jobs will die by a thousand cuts. #AI might chip away tasks from those jobs until those jobs (as we know them) are extinct. https://t.co/d44pwL6B9s


A group of talented #AI experts has come together to build an open source, extensible version of #chatGTP that can integrate with external systems (including search engines), learn new things, and be customized to your needs.

This is the way. Watch the video, join the community. https://t.co/XqY5sSbc7z


A wild dream I have: a LLM so sophisticated (imagine the great-grandchild of #copilot or #chatgpt) that I can say:
“Take this open source app and add feature X. It must look like this and return the results like that.”

The #AI would modify the source code to blend my feature in.


Finally, #InvokeAI 2.3 (well, the RC) is out with support for #stablediffusion 2.x models & for the new diffusers format.

More importantly, @lincolndstein & team have published one of the clearest release notes the #AI community has ever produced 🙂



While that is fair to the #AI company as they allocate computing resources to generate your voice as you do your tests, the whole thing might discourage many potential users because you don’t really know how much you’ll end up spending after all rewrites.


3. There is no guarantee whatsoever that the #AI voice synthesis corp will keep available the voice you have selected for your project. And no way to export/reuse that voice elsewhere.

So if you are building a long-term project, your #1 fear is that your voice will disappear.