I think I have seen the first #AI-generated article from LinkedIn. I took 3 screenshots:

It first appears at the top of your feed. Then you click on it and you find a series of placeholders where you can add your “insight” to the text that the AI has already generated. https://t.co/MF1lKNHvI3


I review dozens of #AI startups every week. At some point in time, probably soon, you’ll all have to pause, take a deep breath, and reassess what differentiates your solution and how defensible that is long term. Because what I’m seeing is really not a sustainable trend.


The more #AI progress gets announced, and especially w the launch of #GPT4, the more I’m convinced that the mission I defined for Synthetic Work is right. What I am learning on the impact of AI on our jobs & society is something that every non-tech person should pay attention to.


Per gli amici Italiani: Episodio 3 del mio nuovo video podcast sull’#AI in collaborazione con 01net. Questa settimana parliamo dell’impatto dell AI generativa sulla produttivita’ aziendale.

https://t.co/A2r6dbTMFP https://t.co/yN65VSvnKU


Does anybody remember when I started saying to expect #AI adaptive malicious code in cybersecurity? I think I started in 2018. Well, it’s here now.

“ChatGPT is writing a unique python script for the keylogger every time the program is called”
https://t.co/bZAYonDcrr https://t.co/iBQXvwHXpm


11/ And so we are talking about all the miracles that #AI will do for humanity, but the reality is this: I had to reboot @BoschGlobal brand new dishwasher (wifi-connected! #IoT!!) *15* times in less than a month.

This is the power and pride of German technology: https://t.co/w9nmnl4jc5


Who wants to try the new large language model by Meta called #LLaMA? I have the 65B parameters up and running and I’d be happy to run some prompts for you, if you are curious.

(remember that this is not a chatbot, so need to submit a phrase that the #AI will complete for you)


Now, in this section, there are only my pictures, but I hope that this will become a place where I can showcase the most amazing works generated by the #AI community.

If you are interested in appearing here, send me a message.


The latest #AI technology now allows social media companies and app creators to offer beauty filters so realistic and tailored around our own aspects that nobody likes her/himself anymore.

Between us and our perfectly filtered image there is only plastic surgery.


Also, if you are an entrepreneur looking to build an #AI startup but are not sure what industry to focus on, https://t.co/sKxnbqStfY might clear your ideas.
Last week, I reviewed how AI is impacting the Education industry:
https://t.co/USOaNd934y https://t.co/mS7DPhXkKe