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Just days ago, I wrote that I was surprised that no politician had used #chatGPT to write a speech. Given how formulaic politics is, it should be a task at which large language models excel.

I didn’t have to wait much longer:


1/ Interesting: I showed a teenager #chatGPT and she was blown away by the fact that the #AI can create characters profiles & appearance descriptions. Rather than using it as inspiration to write her own story, she is using chatGPT as an interactive book:


2/ She let #chatGPT tell the story, simply asking to continue, but occasionally she steers the narrative in specific directions via more assertive prompt requests.

Is this the future of media entertainment (not just books, but movies, TV, etc.), at least for a portion of us?


Future headline: “Elderly care market booms as large language models help restore productivity and boost mental health for over 70s”


Remember that @laion_ai aims to release an MVP of their open source version of #chatGTP (called OpenAssistant) in Jan 2023.


I can see a whole new area of cybersecurity coming up:



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