After 2 years of self-isolation, a religious use of masks everywhere, and despite 2 vaccine doses + 1 booster, I finally got #COVID19.

The “mild” form that knocked me out for 5 days now is terrible. I can’t even imagine what the experience would be without the vaccine.


Just watched a new, phenomenal documentary by the BBC on @NASAJPL exploration of #Mars.

Can’t recommend it enough.



RT @DrJasBerry: Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm
by Clone Inc.

Goal: “To develop a platform for prosthetics & humanoid robots to serve as b…


After Universal Control, the most frictionless and mind-blowing feature coming from @Apple is Continuity Camera. The value you get from embracing the whole product portfolio is increasing enormously, beyond anything else on the market.



Lots to learn here for enterprise IT vendors. Most BUs think about “portfolio synergy” as nothing more than an unpleasant integration due to political & commercial reasons (upsell/cross-sell). Very little to nothing is about delivering more than the sum of the parts to customers.


@marcorus From my privileged position as a close observer of the open source communities for 8+ years, I’m pretty confident that this debate has much deeper roots than any subtle nudge coming from a sponsor.

Regardless, the questions are critical. Supreme Courts will have to rule on this.


Eventually, OpenAI will start charging for Dall-E 2 image generation. That #AI, too, has been trained using images under various licenses.

The key questions (“training ML systems on public data is fair use” and “the output belongs to the operator”) will apply as well.


Not sure when we’ll reach the bottom?

The man who predicted the subprime mortgage crisis suggests the following: https://t.co/cA18vaeUqv


Example of compression (but Apple entering the market might have influenced the valuation):

Klarna valuation crashes to $6.5bn from $46bn