“we provide a first comprehensive quantitative overview of the NFT market. To this end, we analyse a large dataset including 6.1M trades of 4.7M NFTs in 160 cryptocurrencies.”

Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features https://t.co/eO3q8szqSP


I was supposed to participate this panel in person, but the #COVID risk is still too high and turning the event into a virtual one was the sensible thing to do.

See you there. https://t.co/KqRunSOo1s


a thread worth reading for everyone torn about building a startup https://t.co/lBJMHv6pgX


SageMaker Studio Lab was a pleasant surprise of #reinvent2021 and a brilliant move. AWS offers a G4dn.xlarge GPU instance or a T3.xlarge CPU instance for free >

Now in Preview – Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab, a Free Service to Learn and Experiment with ML https://t.co/TNUeKVDInG


.@vivaldibrowser remains my must-have browser. I cannot work without its vertical tabs. But guys, you could have used release 5 to announce the iOS version. Or an ultra-configurable version of the mail client. Or the ultimate RSS feed. Or all of them. The world needs these things https://t.co/CQ4aaZBGIx


If you do the iOS version, tho, can you make it compatible with the new Safari extensions? They are awesome and completely change the browsing experience on the iPhone/iPad.


If you are not paying attention, you are missing something big.
@Replit is succeeding where many (and much bigger) others have failed. https://t.co/PEUukvStYd


I suppose I have no choice but to wear a leather jacket the next time I’m on stage for a keynote… #reinvent2021