Alessandro Perilli

Generative AI Art

Suitable for Samsung Frame TVs and other digital devices.

4K resolution (3840x2160px): Price Upon Request

Higher resolution possible.
Print possible.

Gamblers is the first large digital artwork produced by Alessandro Perilli.

Gamblers is the result of one year of experimentation with revolutionary generative AI models and automation technologies.

Alessandro did not produce the image with the aid of graphic editors or other conventional digital art techniques. Rather, he faced the enormous challenge of training and controlling artificial intelligence models to produce images in the desired style.

He took inspiration from the masters of many different artistic movements of the past, like Cubism and Neo-Expressionism, which Alessandro deeply admires. Accordingly, the use of shapes and colors is both visually striking and highly symbolic.

The figures are rendered with elongated, angular faces, where the depiction of the human form is both abstracted and geometric. The flatness of the figures and the lack of perspective give the painting a two-dimensional quality, an intentional effort to focus on the surface and the immediacy of the image, rather than any illusion of depth.

The colors are quite pure and intense, chosen to evoke the wide spectrum of emotions driving the subjects: greed, anxiety, fear. The red canvas amplifies the intensity of the scene, symbolizing the passion and risk associated with gambling. The use of blue in the suits of the figures suggests a formality and seriousness, hinting at what type of gamblers the viewer is looking at.

Alessandro Perilli