What is Art in the age of AI?

Alessandro is an art lover and an art collector.

The advent of transformers and diffusion models in artificial intelligence, able to generate images from text in plain English, is revolutionizing the way humans produce creative outputs: painting, sculpture, music, video games, films.

More importantly, for the first time ever, these AI models are democratizing access to artistic disciplines by allowing a much broader spectrum of the population to become creators rather than mere consumers.

The capabilities of these models are mind-blowing and go beyond what you might have seen online so far.

In the attempt to show the true potential of AI-assisted art, Alessandro publishes here a series of original artworks, generated with the help of various generative AI models.

The spiny question gets even more challenging to answer: What is Art?

Everything starts with mixing and remixing.
Alessandro created each of these artworks assisted by one of the following models AI model: Dall-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

He's not detailing which AI model and which prompt he used to generate each image as he hopes that the audience will focus on the aesthetic qualities of the image rather than on the process.

Also, Alessandro doesn't want to trivialize the process itself: each artwork requires hours to craft the best prompt to generate the idea or emotion that he wants to convey. And hours are equally necessary to select the best image among the ones that are produced by the AI models.