2 years after the @IBM acquisition of Red Hat, I finally had a chance to start working with the mighty @IBMResearch on multiple projects about #AI and #automation. I am really impressed by the expertise and dedication I’ve seen. Teams from the US to Japan have over-delivered.


The biggest feature of macOS Monterey is Shortcuts. Alone, it’s worth the update. I’m very happy to see early support from companies like @pixelmator and @flexibits. I hope this is just the beginning of a rich ecosystem and frictionless tools.

This is the decade of #automation.


@daffodilsw I’ve *never* met an organization that has adopted #automation and achieved any form of #NoOps. And in the last 15 years, I’ve met in the hundreds.

Maybe because NoOps is a pipe dream? https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ

I’d love to talk to somebody in the statistical sample you mention.


Yours truly and a couple of industry veterans talking about the future of #automation with @Furrier at @theCube. We just wrapped up an exceptional #AnsibleFest.



When I wrote this long post about #automation, I left out a key question (on purpose): can you automate at scale without standardizing? The answer is yes but only if there is a mechanism that learns and adapts in real-time, automating every snowflake.



5/ Monitoring + #automation is the only way to move from “admiring the problem” to “addressing the problem” at the scale IT environments reach today. If this is hard to act on, imagine monitoring feeding #AI feeding automation. And yet, both opportunities are right there.