One of the topics I covered today during my presentation at the @CybersecEurope_ 2022 conference is the potential use of #AI (and #automation) in #CyberSecurity.

It was nice to hear @mikko asking a group of CISOs about their progress in deploying AI and for which use cases.


This happens tomorrow, in Brussels.

I’ll talk about various #automation topics, including #IaC, mutable vs immutable infrastructure, #NoOps, #AI and a few other things. Cause myth-busting never goes out of business.

I hope to see you there. https://t.co/3GaVsCbhfd


Next week I’ll be in Brussels to speak on stage at Cybersec Europe 2022 about #automation, modernization and, of course, #cybersecurity. I’ll also participate in a roundtable with @mikko (one of the people I respect the most in the field). That will be fun. I look forward to it.


“Xi Jinping…believes China is on the verge of a revolution in which dozens of cities will begin producing breakthroughs in #robotics, #cloudcomputing and #automation.”

https://t.co/hRCCesRJcO https://t.co/MhNSku4IyK


I know where to get images for my next keynote about #automation now. https://t.co/Dd8sMIRMx1


2/ First: TAMs are often associated with macro-categories (e.g., #automation) that actually are umbrellas for a myriad of problems. For a product to have its TAM associated with one of those macro-categories, it must solve ALL problems within that category. Complete unrealistic.


2/ and create the delusion that the company is popular.

The avatars can be created for free via many #AI proof of concepts, and a few lines of code (I tried myself) makes the process of creating a new account on LinkedIn via #automation trivial.


I didn’t see many of you (on stage or in person) for over 2 years now. This is as close as it gets.
A rare podcast appearance with @ekhnaser. We talked about my role in Red Hat, future of #automation, #AI, #NFTs, secret restaurants in London, and more.



Another (so far untold) example of how #Ukraine had adopted tech more skillfully than many others. Also an example of how #automation continues to permeate warfare. >

The founder of Anduril and Oculus discusses his talks with Ukraine’s president https://t.co/EYnYCLMe6b


Which reminds me of one of the greatest accomplishments in these 22y of career in IT: authoring a patent about #automation and #cybersecurity.