February 24, 2023
@memberful @CathieDWood @eladgil @sonyatweetybird @paulg @Logitech @AnthropicAI @Microsoft @kevinroose @benthompson @MParakhin @OpenAI @okcupid @StanfordDaily @emollick @MelMitchell1 @VisualCap @KalleyHuang @AdityaKanu_ @WSJ @PessimistsArc @_akpiper @SethGodinBlog Fifth, to all the newsletter writers out there: are you NUTS?

You either have to write on a platform that makes every writer completely undifferentiated, & charges a fortune for the privilege, or you have to go for impossible acrobatics to copy & paste from website to newsletter

This is one of the many thoughts I post on Twitter on daily basis. They span many disciplines, including art, artificial intelligence, automation, behavioral economics, cloud computing, cognitive psychology, enterprise management, finance, leadership, marketing, neuroscience, startups, and venture capital.

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