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@maliknir Either a problem with responsive design or the WSJ fixed it:

Really easy-to-understand video on how #dalle2 works by @AssemblyAI. Highly recommended.

Really easy-to-understand video on how #dalle2 works. Highly recommended.

"The decline in economic activity combined with elevated inflation resulted in large declines in the real returns on stocks...average death rate of 2% saw real stock returns drop by 26%"

Social and Economic Impacts of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Always keeping an eye on the evolution of the #graphene market >

The wonder material graphene may have found its killer app

@Merzmensch @erocdrahs I'm not sure I am satisfied with the answer, but I'm glad we are asking the question.

BTW the question never was about #AI as it is today. The question always was: what will happen over the *long term* when the AI output will be indistinguishable from the one of a human artist?

The difference between male and female boils down to size and number of sex cells

Keep this in mind when you look at charts like this one and you read terms like “correction” or “recession”:

☑️ Pestilence

☑️ War

☑️ Famine

What was the fourth one? I never remember.

Market crash?

World has just ten weeks' worth of wheat left after Ukraine war

1/ At a conference I attended recently, a #CISO provides an interesting perspective: he’s trying to evolve his office into a service to be offered to the LoBs. The idea is that, in this way, LoBS becomes accountable for procuring #CyberSecurity and more diligent because of that.

2/ A side benefit might be that, in this way, the LoB will perceive #cybersecurity less as a burden and more as a valuable good worth investing in.

This hypothesis has a lot to do with mechanisms well-known in cognitive psychology, but still unproven in this particular scenario.

3/ But then I asked: if you do this, aren’t you concerned that a 3rd party service provider (external to the company) will start competing against your office? Don’t you risk to be ousted?

What do you think? Can the #CISO office become a service?

RT @hardmaru: Asked #Dalle to generate “Photograph of a crowded Tokyo street full of business people wearing VR headsets going to work” htt…

RT @refsrc: YC's message to founders: