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"we provide a first comprehensive quantitative overview of the NFT market. To this end, we analyse a large dataset including 6.1M trades of 4.7M NFTs in 160 cryptocurrencies."

Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features

I was supposed to participate this panel in person, but the #COVID risk is still too high and turning the event into a virtual one was the sensible thing to do.

See you there.

a thread worth reading for everyone torn about building a startup

SageMaker Studio Lab was a pleasant surprise of #reinvent2021 and a brilliant move. AWS offers a G4dn.xlarge GPU instance or a T3.xlarge CPU instance for free >

Now in Preview – Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab, a Free Service to Learn and Experiment with ML

Thanks @tarngerine

.@vivaldibrowser remains my must-have browser. I cannot work without its vertical tabs. But guys, you could have used release 5 to announce the iOS version. Or an ultra-configurable version of the mail client. Or the ultimate RSS feed. Or all of them. The world needs these things

If you do the iOS version, tho, can you make it compatible with the new Safari extensions? They are awesome and completely change the browsing experience on the iPhone/iPad.

If you are not paying attention, you are missing something big.
@Replit is succeeding where many (and much bigger) others have failed.

I suppose I have no choice but to wear a leather jacket the next time I'm on stage for a keynote... #reinvent2021

@jeffsussna observe–orient–decide–act cycle?

2 years after the @IBM acquisition of Red Hat, I finally had a chance to start working with the mighty @IBMResearch on multiple projects about #AI and #automation. I am really impressed by the expertise and dedication I've seen. Teams from the US to Japan have over-delivered.

This is one of the reasons why Netflix is expanding into gaming >

2021 Top Free iPhone Apps:

Google Maps
Amazon Shopping

If a vendor is good (or lucky) enough to change the rules of the game, its competitive advantage is not the fact that rules have changed, but how long it takes for its competitors to understand that the rules have changed. Some of them never realise.

@samcharrington @krmarko Watch out because the context in which innovation spreads changes over centuries and going forward it will be dramatically different.

You can already see that a single vendor can now design, produce and distribute every wheel that you could possibly conceive, faster than you.

@samcharrington @krmarko You can try your luck in building a new wheel, and maybe you'll have the edge for 5 minutes. In the long term, tho, you can only compete if your wheel works better for the customer than the same tool from a vendor that does 1M different wheels.