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RT @pharmapsychotic: #stablediffusion2 uses the OpenCLIP ViT-H model trained on the LAION dataset so it knows different things than the Ope…


#stablediffusion is just three months old. Three. Yet, the criticism is ferocious.
If the same people would analyze and criticize with the same ardor the v1 of software released 3 months after its GA, no product would survive.

RT @minimaxir: It's appearing that the key to use Stable Diffusion 2.0 will be that you will actually have to use negative prompts, as they…

RT @lopp: Midjourney AI engineers are predicting an order of magnitude improvement in image generation results every 2 months for at least…

RT @fchollet: Many people in tech have so little exposure to philosophy (or the humanities in general) that when they get exposed to old id…

While @StabilityAI was busy releasing #StableDiffusion2, @drawthingsapp was busy bringing Stable Diffusion 1.5 (and many other models based on it) to the iPad.

Lots to try.

Humans rediscover the lost art of articulated narrative (probably lost after Mervyn Peake finished writing Titus Groan) because of Stable Diffusion.

Titus Groan becomes a mandatory textbook in Prompt Engineering classes.

RT @EMostaque: Some user notes on V2! 🧵

V2 prompts different and will take a while for folk to get used to.

V2 is trained on two models,…

Stable Diffusion 2.0 Release —


RT @neurosock: Typing neural interfaces are a thing. The typing speed in this text is likely not a keyboard 😲🤔🔥

@rd_rugg And what's the difference between a soap Co trying to manipulate your perception vs a friend on social media? One doing it for monetary gain and the other for status gain?
What matters is that in both cases you are being manipulated, and that has been going on well before gen AI.

@rd_rugg Nobody will see it because the algorithm is already too busy pushing for ads and content from people that you don't know and don't care about.

But let's say somebody will see it: what's different from photoshopped models in every magazine and on every billboard?

@vSeanJohn That's the spirit, Sean. I appreciate the effort!