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I am forced to pause my late-night experiments with #stablediffusion #AI to read this new theory of consciousness. I wonder what @danieldennett thinks about it. >

“Consciousness as a Memory System”

Reported growth vs growth estimated.

Autocracies greatly exaggerate their economic growth compared to democracies.

1/ On one side, you have an emerging tech that is experiencing innovation breakthroughs every other week, and end-users spontaneously use and talk about without marketing indoctrination. On the other side, you have an emerging tech that has seen almost no progress in 7 years.

2/ Which one do you invest in?

I know you think the answer is obviously the former. But that's not how people choose. People systematically ignore external evidence of high potential and chose the tech that they are most familiar with.

3/ And that inclination depends on their background and exposure to the previous tech.

This equally applies to top executives and new hires in the humblest positions.
That's why IT vendors rarely manage to embrace radical new directions.

4/ Even when they have a different perspective to lean on, for example via an acquisition, the bulk of the company steers away from unfamiliar territories, no matter how obviously appealing.

5/ And in case you are wondering: data can't do anything to change this behaviour because people always find a way to interpret data to support the story in their minds. And the story in their minds is the safest one.

I cannot prove it, but it seems that over the last few weeks #dalle2 has changed. It used to be really good at replicating certain painting styles and artists. Now not so much anymore. Am I the only one having this impression?

Saturday 19 October 1889 (almost exactly 133 years ago), from the Oklahoma State Herald: press reports about an artist complaining about text2image #AI. I mean: complaining about instantaneous photography.

(found on Reddit. Original is here:

Doing a YouTube channel is phenomenally hard work.

Next challenge for #AI large language models: writing screenplays.


RT @KonstantinKisin: I've tried to explain to people in the West what is actually happening in Russia but seeing is believing.

This is fro…

Michael Burry: "13.48% of stocks closed above their 200 day moving average yesterday. Bottom in 2009 was 1.2%. Bottom in 2020 was 2.8%. Currently at December 2007 levels."

Tim Cook at a ceremony in Italy: "not too long from now, if you look back at a point in time, you know, zoom out to the future and look back, you'll wonder how you led your life without augmented reality."

Not sure what more he could say about Apple #AR.

While we are here, happily talking about AI and web3 and metaverse, as if nothing is happening. I wonder if world citizens were equally indifferent or oblivious before WWII started. >

‘Putin Is a Fool’: Intercepted Calls Reveal Russian Army in Disarray