A Startup Worth Watching
Application Automation
Benny Schnaider
Gil Hoffer
Rami Tamir

Salto is the leading solution for business application configuration. By adapting and applying software development concepts and best practices to the business operations world, Salto provides an Open Source and an Enterprise SaaS product that re-imagines multi-application configuration in the modern company. Salto's solution automatically extracts the configurations of different business applications - including Salesforce, NetSuite and HubSpot - and translates them to a new declarative representation called NaCl (“Not Another Configuration Language”). Using NaCl with Git, all applications’ configurations can be collaboratively edited and deployed back to the live business applications, or to a staging environment for testing. With Salto, configuration changes to multiple business applications can be easily tested, tracked or even rolled back if needed.
Source: Crunchbase