C++ in Plain English

Every week, I ask my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that are part of my social networks (Twitter and LinkedIn) a simple question:

"What is the book that changed your life? (not novels or religious texts)"

I think it's a wonderful way to connect in a less superficial way and learn a little more about each other. It's also a wonderful way to discover new books worth reading.

This is one of them (the full list is here):

C++ in Plain English
Brian Overland

From Amazon:

Two Books for the Price of One––both an interactive reference & tutorial! C++ In Plain English, 3rd Edition, gives instant access to the C++ language through a detailed reference section of key C++ components and a dense tutorial that describes the essentials of C++ programming. Extensive cross–references with live page numbers make this is the perfect book to prop next to your computer while programming in C++.

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