The average sale price of NFTs is lower than $15 for 75% of the assets on the market

We dig further into these differences by looking at the distribution of NFT prices across categories, which we find to be broadly distributed. We observe that the average sale price of NFTs is lower than 15 dollars for 75% of the assets, and larger than 1594 dollars, for 1% of the assets.

Considering individual categories, NFTs categorized as Art, Metaverse, and Utility reached higher prices compared to other categories, with the top 1% of assets having average sale price higher than 6290, 9485, and 12,756 dollars respectively.

Note that these categories are different in sizes, so 1% of assets corresponds to 8593, 472, and 78 NFTs in the Art, Metaverse, and Utility categories, respectively.

The highest prices so far were reached by assets categorized as Art, with 4 NFTs that were sold for more than 1 million dollars