The State of DeepFake

Seeing is Believing
The sophistication of generative AI models has reached a point where it’s possible to generate deepfakes that are almost indistinguishable from reality in a matter of seconds with consumer-grade hardware.

Deepfake technology can be used to enable a wide range of use cases. For example:

To show the potential and the risks of this technology, and to keep track of its increasing maturity, Alessandro regularly generates DeepFake videos.

Each video was produced using only one source picture, and on consumer hardware in less than 30 minutes.

Notice how the AI model chosen by Alessandro is not just glueing his face to each frame, but it’s also trying to match the age of the target subject while preserving Alessandro’s unique facial features.

Model Casting

What face is perfect for a fashion brand? Or just a new collection?

Giorgio Armani

Feb 2024

Brunello Cucinelli

Feb 2024

Market Manipulation

How many videos do you have to see to sell all your shares?

David Grusch Interview on UFOs

Feb 2024

Brunello Cucinelli

Feb 2024

Mass Disinformation

To raise awareness on the dangers of DeepFake technology and its potential use to influence global elections and other events, Alessandro created a series of deepfakes of himself in the role of fictional characters in popular movies.

The DeepFake technology has the potential to mass-manipulate public opinion and disrupt events of global importance, such as elections.

In 2024, 60 nations will hold elections, for a total of over 4 billion voters. In other words, half of the planet will be called upon to decide the future of the world. A record in the history of humanity.

Among these elections there are:

  • The presidential elections in the United States of America.
  • The general elections in India, a nation that the most industrialized countries are focusing on to reduce their dependence on China.
  • The presidential elections in Taiwan, on which much of the world’s production of advanced semiconductors depends.
  • The presidential elections in Finland, which strategically borders directly with Russia.
  • The general elections in Mexico, which has become the most frequented entry point for illegal immigration into the United States, including for migrants from the European continent.
  • The European Parliament elections, which is adopting an increasingly strict policy in terms of technology regulation.
  • The mayoral elections in London, which remains the most important economic hub of the European continent.

Global Elections 2024

The economic and political interests at stake are unprecedented. Therefore, the incentives to use artificial intelligence to influence the elections are enormous.

Here Alessandro presents a series of examples generated to illustrate the increasing maturity of DeepFake technology and its potential risks.

A Few Good Men

Feb 2024

Minority Report

Jan 2024


Jan 2024