This clever job posting from @Netskope friends allows me to repeat one of my mantras: it doesn’t matter if there’s a skill shortage in #cybersecurity. No team is large enough without #automation. Even with 2M more experts, companies don’t stand a chance >



One of the nicest aspects of my job is the diversity of topics I face, alternatively tackling business, tech, or regulatory aspects.
In the last two weeks: #edgecomputing market review, #IoT scalability requirements, #cybersecurity regulations and policy initiatives in the #EU.


At least, now, #cybersecurity is exciting and dangerous (almost) like in the movies.
When I was in the field, 20y ago, it was significantly less glamorous.

In more seriousness, I think we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for the adoption of #AI techniques to adapt attacks otg


A customer recently asked about #NoOps. After the meeting, I ended up writing an 8,300 words vendor-neutral blog post about #Automaton, Infrastructure-as-Code, Observability, #AI, #Cybersecurity, and a few other topics.

https://t.co/gI7RBYjYNh https://t.co/vm0EtelzeO


Today is an incredible day. I started my career 21y ago in #cybersecurity. Over the years, I shifted focus: enterprise mgmt > virtualization > cloud computing > AI. Yesterday I closed the loop, with my first patent ever (on cybersecurity and automation): https://t.co/cq6FPabpZW


Must-read (especially if you are NOT into #cybersecurity) 11 pages joint advisory from UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and US DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): COVID-19 exploited by malicious cyber actors: https://t.co/RTWxO6IWeY