Dear new generation of #Cybersecurity experts around the globe, this is your moment.

@GaryMarcus has his personal ChatGPT jailbreaker. We need more, many more.

Go and test the limits of these APIs. https://t.co/bg6oI4w7R1


Here’s the thing: if I’d have to judge based on the innovation I’ve seen from #cybersecurity vendors in last 20 years, CISOs have *no* hopes to protect against #AI-based cyberattacks. >

Experts predict how AI will energize cybersecurity in 2023 and beyond https://t.co/YVYmtXsfgt


Ansible Risk Insight is about #cybersecurity and secure supply chains, but it will be instrumental in increasing the value of Project Wisdom for a lot of our customers.


As I said, the #cybersecurity challenges of 21y ago seem almost childish compared to the landscape we have today. Should I restart all over again, I’d focus 100% on mass surveillance and synthetic media, two big passions of mine.



1/ At a conference I attended recently, a #CISO provides an interesting perspective: he’s trying to evolve his office into a service to be offered to the LoBs. The idea is that, in this way, LoBS becomes accountable for procuring #CyberSecurity and more diligent because of that.


2/ A side benefit might be that, in this way, the LoB will perceive #cybersecurity less as a burden and more as a valuable good worth investing in.

This hypothesis has a lot to do with mechanisms well-known in cognitive psychology, but still unproven in this particular scenario.


One of the topics I covered today during my presentation at the @CybersecEurope_ 2022 conference is the potential use of #AI (and #automation) in #CyberSecurity.

It was nice to hear @mikko asking a group of CISOs about their progress in deploying AI and for which use cases.


Next week I’ll be in Brussels to speak on stage at Cybersec Europe 2022 about #automation, modernization and, of course, #cybersecurity. I’ll also participate in a roundtable with @mikko (one of the people I respect the most in the field). That will be fun. I look forward to it.


If you are into #cybersecurity, @Microsoft just published a very interesting report about Russian cyber offensive against #Ukraine.

Here a couple of screenshots from the document. https://t.co/PHzpOc8d2N https://t.co/RFJo6pbI70


I started my career in #cybersecurity 22y ago. I developed the first ethical hacking training in Italy, and wrote a book. Back then, I would have jumped at this chance. Now more than ever (and certainly more than 22y ago), cybersecurity can have a real impact on society. Take it. https://t.co/czuVz4dB3d