If not today, this is a ruling that will have to happen eventually. And every party involved knows this perfectly. It has been accounted for long before any release. >

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to throw out #AI copyright lawsuit https://t.co/R2kdp2X1Qf


If the case moves forward today, tho, it will offer unprecedented visibility into the training practice of large language models


That’s the signal. When a taxi driver asks you about technology X, you know that it has reached mainstream awareness. https://t.co/NWsEtfs3Jc


I wonder what happens if you feed these 403 pages to #ChatGTP and ask the AI to “re-skin” the game system after a theme you like better. Like Star Trek TNG, my favourite. >

The 403-page Dungeons & Dragons game system is now licensed under Creative Commons https://t.co/XiJ3UaomXZ https://t.co/rRcNW6D3y0


A clever way to show how well the upcoming DeepFloyd IF model handles text generation.
#GenerativeAI about to make big progress. https://t.co/qmCODUSvyi


For people that loved the potential of #riffusion (using spectrograms with #stablediffusion): Google Research has published MusicLM, an #AI model that can generate high quality music from a text prompt. You have to listen to the examples on this page:
https://t.co/jzp9oDMapm https://t.co/KCRV4WIbfW


RT @hardmaru: @StableDiffusion Brutalist Cat

#StableDiffusion2 #AIart https://t.co/n4aY3Cnq1W


– time dedicated to thinking: 99%
– time dedicated to fact checking: 1%

Writing with #chatGTP:
– time dedicated to thinking: 1%
– time dedicated to fact checking: 99%


20+ years of career in enterprise IT teach you a lot of things. One of them is that sales teams in big tech vendors are amazing. They do the hardest job, they are the only ones that truly understand the client (because they have the relationship), and yet they are rarely heard.