RT @_msw_: “Essentially, Meta was giving its A.I. technology away as open-source software”

Really, @nytimes editors? If a company is using…


Can you comment on what you are doing re AI?
Sure! You see, Kubernetes is so good…

No, look, I really want to talk about your progress in AI.
Sure! Let me tell you the story of Linux…


Question for all technical people in my networks. This is a test and the future of humanity depends on your answer.

Let’s say that I know NOTHING about programming.

Let’s say that I want to create a web app that takes an input from users, does some stuff to it, sends it to… https://t.co/cQ7gidBDLs


RT @ClaireSilver12: so i tried adding math to the end of my usual ai prompt and it did this 🤯 https://t.co/FKfv3hhNKg


One by one, companies are calling their employees back into the office. I started this thread in Dec 2021 and look at the trajectory we are on now.



This morning, people here in the #UK, woke up to the news that #BT intends to axe up to 55k #jobs by 2030, reducing its total workforce to about 75k-90k between 2028 and 2030.

The Guardian suggests that it’s, in part because of AI, as BT said that it plans to “take advantage of… https://t.co/xOv7sHrnCE


Being good at convincing a potential buyer that you are a big deal is WAY more important than being a big deal.


I *pray* for Apple to release their AR/VR thing next month so that all The AI Guy turn into the The AR/VR Guy and (hopefully) stop polluting my feed.


Open source projects are incredibly hard work. I wish @StabilityAI great success with Stable Studio. https://t.co/27THtxzXQH