“It all amounts to the foundations to eventually turn the Facebook-Google duopoly into a three-way fight. In just over two years, Amazon has gone from languishing behind Microsoft and Verizon in the digital marketing space, to being a comfortable third.”

https://t.co/KOZgdV0s2A https://t.co/NZxWHxBcI2


studies had shown that people were increasingly searching for things to buy directly on Amazon, rather than on Google. For marketers…it was the difference in reaching the person searching for “athlete’s foot cream” rather than “why does my foot hurt?”



I’ve started asking the following question every week: “What is the book that changed your life?”
So now, every week, I publish the answers I get. This week:

– The Go-Giver
– The Republic of Tea
– How to Castrate a Bull

Full list: https://t.co/pgzzIv3ajy


“During 2020, seven start-ups in the US and Europe raised a combined $950m to buy sellers trading on Amazon marketplace…We want to be something like the digital Procter & Gamble”

From “Investors pour $1bn into buying up small merchants on Amazon” https://t.co/17T14HgM2D https://t.co/HCKD13VmJp