“If you’re doing one of these non-dentist jobs, the best approach is to be extraordinarily good at it. So much better than an amateur that there’s really no room for discussion. You don’t have to justify yourself. Your work justifies you.” https://t.co/Ai4TS9Tqpl


This is a delightful news, but as for Wikipedia, the access to content is not enough. How it’s presented to the user matters even more. And today that UX is very, very disappointing > Alexa gets access to Wolfram Alpha’s knowledge engine https://t.co/5LAITyLMLO


Excellent high level presentation by @gartner’s Mark Horvath on #AI and #cybersecurity. He just scratched the surface. I have wild ideas about what can be done (both in terms of attacking and defending) when you combine the two. #CISO must research AI asap. https://t.co/GjH4lOsfb8


Conspicuously (and rightfully) absent from this @Gartner chart is security automation. Time to fix this. That’s why we are working with leading players to deliver @Ansible Security Automation and support key enterprise security solutions for 1.0 GA. https://t.co/wXJNa8MLpC


When I talk about @Ansible Security Automation, I always mention how SecOps won’t be able to stand the speed of upcoming #AI driven attacks without #automation > US intelligence community says #AI pose an ’emerging threat’ to national security: https://t.co/j4G7Jsl5A5


Truth is that nobody fully realises the extent of what’s possible but bad actors. Research is our only hope to learn > “Merging different types of location-stamped data can make it easier to discern users’ identities, even when the data is anonymized.” https://t.co/sKBZrfb7YA