Oh so dangerous (albeit inevitable, I’m afraid). Digital convenience makes full control convenient, too: digital > automatable > cheaper > easier > doable, like this: https://t.co/CX4m9CCeJA

WeChat is offering official IDs, could Apple ever do the same? https://t.co/cFk1hhkkQh


Academia is losing talent to tech companies. Government is losing talent to tech companies. Tech companies offer an opportunity to make a tangible impact like nobody else can. > Britain’s spy agency can’t stop losing cyber talent to major tech companies https://t.co/X5thkTUdZ0


“80% of Swedes express positive views about robots and artificial intelligence, according to a survey this year by the European Commission. By contrast, a survey by the Pew Research Center found that 72% of Americans were “worried”” https://t.co/cyGXJ6RS7g