Alessandro Perilli
Mask 1

Generative AI Art

4K resolution (3840x2160px)
Suitable for Samsung Frame TVs and other digital devices.

Print possible.

£5,500 (4K Digital Image)

Mask 1 is the first work of a series dedicated to the emotions we all hide behind our social facade. These emotions are not just suppressed. They are the manifestation of a parallel life we all live, trapped inside our minds.

This is why Alessandro Perilli is using generative AI to produce an image that blends photographic realism with graphic art. The realism of the scene around the woman, with its warm, ambient lighting and soft focus background, contrasts with the stark black and white of the graphic mask. A visual metaphor for the way people can mask their true feelings or identities, presenting a facade to the outside world.

The technical execution of superimposing a graphic element onto a photographic image is done seamlessly, further blurring the lines between perceived reality and the emotions hidden beneath the surface.

Like in all his works, Alessandro did not employ any technique traditionally used to produce digital art. These are not two images overlaid one on top of the other through the mask of a graphic design tool. The entirety of the work is, once again, produced in full automation by artificial intelligence, under the strict constraints and guidelines set by the author.

Extraordinary technical challenges accompanied the production of this work: the evaluation of hundreds of AI models to find the styles that can best juxtapose social and inner life, the use of AI to assist in the development of the exact prompt necessary to realize the ideal image, the coordination of dozens of AI models to guarantee that the different portions of the image would maintain shape coherency, and the use of bleeding edge artificial intelligence technology to permit the image to reach a high-definition resolution.

Alessandro Perilli